Modakams/Kozhukattais: Hassle free ways

Preparing the outer dough and fillings for Modakams/Kozhukattais and shaping them before steaming are all time consuming processes and they require more patience, time and effort which is not possible for many of us today. Skip to read in Tamil I have some tips to […]

Modakams/Kozhukattais: FAQs

So far, we have learnt about the different methods of preparing the outer dough for Kozhukattais and the choices of Pooranams/Fillings to be kept inside the Kozhukattais. Skip to read in Tamil But still it would be inconvenient for some of you to shape the […]

Modakams/Kozhukattais: Some ideas for filling

I would like to compile all the kinds of fillings (Pooranams) we can stuff into the Kozhukattais / Modakams here. If anyone says Kozhukattai, we immediately think of the tropical tastes of the coconut filling. But, here are other delicious things you can fill your […]

Modakams/Kozhukattais: Making outer dough

As easy are kozhakattais to eat, the same can’t be said for the preparation of the outer dough. This tricky component is the fabric of nightmares for many of us! It certainly was for me. If we manage to get a lump-free dough, the shape […]

Aadi Kummayam/Kummayam Kozhukattai

Aadi Kummayam/Kummayam Kozhukattai

Kummayam is a traditional sweet halwa-like dish prepared and offered to Gods on Tuesdays and Fridays of the tamil month of Aadi. It is made with ingredients rich in iron and protein, such as urad dal, jaggery and gingelly oil. So is considered very nutritious […]