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Vegetables best suited for Bajji

First thing that comes to our mind when we think of vegetables for bajji are Raw banana or Onion. Other popular options are potato slices and Brinjal.  Hot chilli bajji goes a long way with Rains and Beaches. I will be adding a separate post […]

Different methods for preparing Bajji batter

When it comes to making Bajjis or Indian Fritters, most of us these days probably go the “ready-made” route, opting to use store bought flour. But for those of you looking for an authentic taste through easy preparation, keep reading! I’m going to show you […]

Bajji Varieties

It is a popular south indian street food, easy to make when we have unexpected guests.  Apart from that, it is a tradition to prepare Bajjis along with Kesari (sometimes people refer to this as Bajji Sojji satirically) when prospective Bridegrooms visit the bride’s place […]